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Strömgatan 18, Stockholm, Sweden
(+46) 322.170.71

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Viunatura was born from the enthusiasm of a group of people with a great love for nature and adventure sports who have made their hobby a professional trade. And it is this love that they want to transmit to society in their daily work, especially by promoting knowledge and love of the natural environment through sport among the young.

The activities in the natural environment are very important for the development of the students' abilities, helping to complement the training received at school, as well as to assimilate a whole series of skills (healthy habits, social development, ...) and values (tolerance, solidarity, teamwork, ...), as well as encouraging the psychomotor development of the students, enjoying and respecting the natural environment, always with the security provided by the professionalism of our monitors and with all the necessary CR and accident insurance.

Therefore, we offer a series of sporting, recreational and educational activities so that young people can develop social skills in a context to which they are not accustomed while they enjoy nature and put into value a whole series of educational objectives that will help them in their lives.