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Strömgatan 18, Stockholm, Sweden
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After the explosion of the real estate bubble with the consequent crisis in 2008, we lost our jobs in the ceramic sector, the main economic engine of the province of Castellón, this made us decide to train professionally and turn our passion into adventure sports in our livelihood.

We at Viunatura believe in cooperation as a fundamental aspect of life, from the practice of any sport to the economy. We believe that democratic decision making within the company, economic benefits linked to social benefit and collaboration between different companies are fundamental for sustainable development.

Our values:

  • Moderation in the use of natural resources
  • Careful and rational planning of tourism
  • Involvement of local people
  • Seeking support from the local economy (Synergies)
  • Specific staff training
  • Responsible marketing
  • Constantly Reinventing Yourself

The adventure tourism depends on the human and natural capital, without that natural environment and cultural experience, the destination loses the attraction, for that reason the protection and promotion of these resources is key and the adventure tourism, practices and adheres to sustainable policies with the environment.

In addition, adventure tourism attracts visitors with greater purchasing power, with studies, who travel outside the high seasons, who seek to get away from the crowds, helping to eliminate seasonality, which greatly appreciates the natural and cultural values of the destination.

Also to say that the adventure tourism is developed without the need of big new infrastructures.

This is the tourism we want, the tourism that respects cultural and natural assets, that protects the most vulnerable, and that creates an opportunity for economic development by creating income and jobs.


From a business point of view, the natural environment is our field of work and its preservation is essential to maintain the attractiveness of our activities.

For this reason, we not only try to make moderate use of natural resources, but also to improve them with actions such as the collaboration with the Limne Foundation in the Project for the Restoration of the Lucena River as it passes through Figueroles, a project that consists of eliminating the common cane, an invasive and dangerous species for biodiversity, by means of clearing and uprooting the rhizome to avoid the constant replacement of the stems and carrying out plantations of native species.

On the other hand, our main work radius is concentrated in the Natural Park of Sierra Espadán and the Natural Park of Penyagolosa, and the areas between both. Viunatura has active tourism products accredited with the Parcs Brand, a quality brand with an important commitment to the environment that is granted to products obtained, produced and lent within the Areas of Influence of the Natural Parks of the Valencian Community.


As a company, a cooperative has some economic and business purposes, but these are integrated with others of a social nature, where people and the value of work are above capital. For this reason, we are members of the Diagrama Foundation's Nodus Network and it gives us great satisfaction to be able to collaborate in initiatives that help the integration of young people who are vulnerable or in social difficulty.